Your Goals

Whether your goal is to grow your businesses, improve performance, manage cost or manage risk more effectively, Pharos Consulting Group is here to deliver the knowledge and expertise required. Our goal is to help you meet your goals by developing customized solutions that meet the organization’s specific needs.

Our Focus

Pharos Consulting Group provides consulting services to a diverse array of organizations; and today more than ever, our clients face increasingly complex issues. To help clients address these issues, Pharos leverages its deep functional knowledge, which spans finance and accounting, technology, operations, and analytics. At Pharos, we look at problems from multiple perspectives to understand our clients’ needs and to develop the solutions to their challenges. These results enable our clients to better accomplish their missions and goals.

Our Strengths

Pharos Consulting Group helps its clients prepare for the future. Our expertise in management consulting enables us to see, hear, and perform on behalf of our clients in ways our competitors cannot. We look beyond the requirements of a single client engagement to address the broader context of our client’s mission and goals. Our approach is framed by the key distinction that we don’t have customers, we serve clients…. and exceed their expectations.

Your Success

As our world has grown more complex, Pharos Consulting Group has grown beyond its project management consulting foundation to develop deep expertise in finance, accounting, tax, internal audit and information technology. We help our clients create competitive advantage, build more effective organizations, and success. Our primary goal is and shall always be helping our clients succeed.